This project primarily aims at the education of the next generation of entrepreneurs who are concerned with the sociological ramifications of entrepreneurship.

The basic philosophy of the project

To address youth unemployment, people need to have access to training that is relevant to the needs of the labor market, and furthermore to establish links with businesses in order to be able to find effective routes into employment. The rapid growth of social enterprise businesses is one of the ways for the above target to be achieved, thus allowing people to gain direct access to the jobs market in an environment that puts their development at its heart – albeit with a commercial focus. Social entrepreneurs provide an important complement to governmental action plans.

The scope of ‘ER-SE’ is to provide NGO and other youth organizations’ educators with appropriate and up-to date educational tools on social entrepreneurship, which in parallel take into consideration all the synchronous digital possibilities and innovative educational processes that are able to reinforce the absorption of relevant knowledge, therefore operating as the main catalyst in inspiring people to apply social entrepreneurship.

The collaboration between educational experts from various institutions will lead to the design of a powerful educational tool on social entrepreneurship. Through this project we intend to support the creation of relevant e-learning content for teaching and learning in local languages and simultaneously to support the processes for curriculum integration and assessment, especially by making the e-learning content available under open licensing. In this manner, we promote the awareness of value of existing and emerging trends in open modalities and strategies.

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