• Promote the idea of Social entrepreneurship
• Introduce Social Entrepreneurship (characteristics, distinction Social Entrepreneurship to traditional Entrepreneurship, develop some examples…)
• Tackle social problem through Social Entrepreneurship
• Sustainable development goal 6 (SDG6)- clean water and sanitation


The city of Nicosia is in trouble!

Citizens are feeling sick for the last week and nobody knows the cause. The municipality did not take any measures so far. People are getting angry and fed up!

What’s more, there is a press conference planned where the mayor was supposed to announce who is the winner of the grant competition for the best social companies of the city, the winning company will receive funding for its further development. Many companies have applied to receive this grant and now they have gathered because they want to know which social enterprises will receive the grand.
The conference is happening in 45 minutes. Everybody is there nervously waiting for answers and actions – not only about the funding grant but also about the situation with sickness.

We have just received the information that the mayor just had a heart attack and is on the way to the hospital. His secretary doesn’t want to cause even more panic, so he didn’t tell anything to the media or people outside.
The desperate secretary of the Mayor has contacted a team of experts to help him. He is devastated by the whole situation and he is not able to do anything rational in this state.

You are the one who has to deal with this press conference. Maybe the mayor already solved the problem with sickness and also chose the winner of the grant. Maybe he didn’t do anything, but you have to give answers to people anyway. You might find some information in his office. That’s why the secretary lets you go into the mayor’s office and have a look there right now.

But you have to hurry, the conference is in 45 minutes.


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