• Social Enterprises functioning
  • Develop knowledge about crowdfunding
  • The importance of cultural heritage with the example of Fernando Pessoa’s legacy


The director of Casa Fernando Pessoa discovered a manuscript of poems by the celebrated author, which had never been published. The discovery was made during the analysis of the various documents left by the author in a large chest, which he had in his room. Fernando Pessoa dedicated his whole life to writing, having started writing at the age of 7 and only stopped with his death, at the age of 47. The author wrote anywhere and on any piece of paper (notebooks, loose sheets, verso of letters, advertisements, pamphlets, letterhead, scraps of paper, margins of his old texts). Despite his simple life, dedicated essentially to writing, and his reserved personality, he was a great influence for the society of the time, both in the socio-political context and in art.
Taking into account the importance of Fernando Pessoa to the Portuguese socio-political context of the 19th century, the director of Casa Fernando Pessoa decided that the profits obtained from the sale of this book went to a crowdfunding institution, namely the PPL company, in order to promote social, creative and entrepreneurial initiatives.
Two days ago, the director of Casa Fernando Pessoa realized that the manuscript of poems had disappeared, which would invalidate the entire project developed with the PPL, damaging the dreams and social initiatives of many Portuguese. The director began to gather information about the book and all the people who knew about it, in order to find out who was responsible for this situation. Due to his schedule of appointments and trips he could not finish his investigation and hired a team of detectives to help him with this situation.
The director had an urgent trip and, therefore, will not be able to help more in this investigation. He left in his office all the documentation that he managed to gather. However, since the person responsible for the disappearance of the book must be someone from the company, he left some messages and information coded and/or hidden.

Ultimate mission: The team of detectives (participants of Escape Rooms) have 45 minutes to discover all the clues and information left by the director of the Casa Fernando Pessoa in order to identify the person who stole the manuscript of Fernando Pessoa!



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