Escape Rooms for Social Entrepreneurship

Escape Rooms for Social Entrepreneurship


One of the great problems of today’s society is youth unemployment where they struggle for a decent job. This is basically due to the enormous demand for required skills and enormous experience that the candidate must have. Academic training is very important today. Seminars and training programmes are an excellent opportunity to train future young employees and reduce youth unemployment and develop social entrepreneurship.

The Issue

To combat youth unemployment, people need access to the training that the labour market requires and contacts with businesses to reduce unemployment. Due to the huge growth of enterprises, people need to adapt quickly and easily to the labour market in order to get a job. Social entrepreneurship helps to create new job opportunities for the young unemployed

The purpose of ER-SE is to provide entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people of the next generation who are concerned with the sociological ramifications of entrepreneurship and finally to promote quality youth work and an open education and innovative practices in a digital era.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

The aims for Entrepreneurship

The projects main goals are, to:

  • Develop a culture of social entrepreneurship and innovation among young people
  • Provide an innovative ICT based model, with theoretical and practical methods that will motivate the young professionals in NGOs to commit in active learning
  • Support the development of the EU as a knowledge-based society.
  • Strengthen cooperation and exchange of information and good practices between different areas of Europe

To have more details on how to create your escape game, or to understand the different types of escape games that exist, the educational guide on the use of escape games applied to the field of social entrepreneurship is now available on the project website of ERSE!

You can find the guide here:

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